About the "Women’s Community Impact " (WCI) Awards

Celebrating Strength when Diverse Women Create Community Impact Together!

This is a project ran by Arts for Survival as a yearly celebration of International Women’s Day as a vibrant part of its obligation to building a diverse community engagement program.

These awards seek to recognise local and national women who have made a positive social difference in the community.

The “Women’s Community Impact” Awards is replacing the BRONZE Awards which is in its 7th year in 2024. The content and concept of the awards are still the same, with a name change that reflects our values in a clearer and more inclusive way based on feedback from our community.

Through the WCI Awards we want to celebrate and credit women’s histories, contributions, and achievements that have had a profound community impact to inspire the next generation of the female in the community.

We envisage these women to be meaningful legends to all next generation of female based on their pioneering and advancement. Their steps will make the journey of next generation of female to have no boundaries.

The annual Women’s Community Impact ” Awards celebration is done mark and celebrate. The annual International Women’s Day to celebrate women.
International Women’s Day (officially March 8) is a worldwide day celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. The day also marks a call to action for accelerating gender equality.

We sincerely invite you to take part in the nomination process for the 2024 Women’s Community Impact Awards.

A distinct and burgeoning event

The Women’s Community Impact Awards event is not your usual voting and black-tie-and-table awards ceremony.

Our modern and established system presents an enchanting fusion of symposium and awards, creating time for guests to connect and entertainment. Our positive feedback of over 93 per cent each year tell us it is well approved and welcome by the community.

The Women’s Community Impact Awards is not a competition, and there will be no prize. With this in mind, we operate a non-voting system. Nominations are reviewed by a review panel to make sure evidence given satisfy activities with community impact.


The review panel

Our reviewers are volunteers with extensive knowledge and experience working in the community and engaging with a wide range of communities.

To become our awards reviewer, please send an e-mail to the esther.enaw@artsforsurvival.co.uk if that fits your profile.  Introduce yourself and identify your field of expertise, community involvements and tell us you are interested in becoming a reviewer.


We will also appreciate if you also attach a summary of your CV carrying your up to date contact information with a maximum of 2-page CV. You are more than welcome to share this request with other colleagues or friends who might be interested in serving as a reviewer.


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