Images from 2019 event 7th of March 2020

Welcome to the Women’s Community Impact Awards in Dorset! 

You are warmly welcome to the Women’s Community Impact Awards in Dorset  a trustworthy  golden opportunity to celebrate:

  •  Women’s achievements and impact to the community
  • Diversity in our Community
  • Collaboration between Women
  • Inter-Generational Relationships
  • Support and share our vision to raise the profile of  hardworking and community business women  locally and nationally.

We want to celebrate and credit women’s histories, contributions, and achievements that have had a profound community impact to inspire the next generation of the female in the community.

We envisage these women to be meaningful legends to all next generation of female based on their pioneering and advancement. Their steps will make the journey of next generation of female to have no boundaries.

We sincerely invite you to take part in the nomination process for the 2020 Women’s Community Impact Awards.

Celebrating during International Women's Day week on the 7th of March 2020. This event will take place in the State of the Arts venue, THE STEAM Hub, Talbot Heath School for Girls, Bournemouth, Rothesay Rd, Talbot Woods, Bournemouth BH4 9NJ


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